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Confectioners extraordinaire, Kitty Hope and Mark Greenwood take us on a fun-filled romp through their obsession with sweets in this official tie-in to their BBC2 primetime series. Kitty and Mark show how easy it is to make mouthwatering traditional and modern sweets, including English Butter Toffee, Leather Roll-ups, Fruit Lolly and Sherbet Dip, Popcorn and Peanut Butter Fudge, Gin and Tonic Truffles, Baked Pear Crisps, Salted Caramel Seashells and Black Forest Fudge. This beautifully designed and fully photographed cookbook offers over 80 simple recipes – including all the recipes from the BBC series - from quick and easy sweets for kitchen novices to quirky delights and grown-up after-dinner treats. With plenty of advice on techniques, ingredients and equipment, Sweets Made Simple will encourage everyone to join in the joy of making sweets and indulge in quality homemade confectionery. Includes brand-new recipes and previously published classic recipes.

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